Professional Headshot Session

* Our session has no time limit - typically an hour or so of shooting - I limit bookings to a max of two per day, I do not book back-to-back.

* Any number of outfit changes

* Frequent review and coaching during the session, as we focus on expression (which is the most important aspect of the shoot). 

* One on one image review and selection advice for your images.

There is no rush, you will get the attention you deserve to get the headshot for your needs.  Sometimes we get there quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer.  I want to capture your confidence and approachability, and when you look and feel comfortable and relaxed, you will look in control.  The value is in the expression of you that we capture together.

These days, it is more important than ever that your headshot represents you in the best way possible.  I guarantee I will take the best headshot of you that you have ever had taken, and that you will enjoy the experience!

The Headshot

Headshots are of your head - not your body, not your hands, and not distracting jewelry!   Are your clients, customers, or potential employer making a connection with your hands or dangling earrings?  No, they are not, and that's why my headshots are of your head - it is your confidence and approachability they can connect with, and that is what we will capture togerher.

Our headshots will not be overly retouched, I'm sure you have seen how unnatural that can look!

What To Expect?


First and foremost, I'm hoping you'll be excited in anticipation of your session.  It will be fun!

Your preparation should start the day before, with good hydration (no heavy partying the previous night - we want that skin hydrated and those eyes looking sharp!).  On the day of the session, you should arrive with your hair and makeup as you would like them to appear, although you are of course free to make some last-minute makeup fixes here.  I'd encourage light makeup, and nothing heavy.

And, being nervous is fine.  Dreading the session is also fine, if your boss has said you have to do this -- my aim is to make you have a good time, be glad you finally did it, and get images you are truly satisfied with!  I'll call you the day before the shoot to chat a little and set your mind at ease.  

Please wear clothes that you love!  Usually well-fitting tops with solid colors work well. Let's avoid t-shirts with distracting prints or tops with crazy patterns!  Layers and nice textures also look great in headshots. Bring several choices with you so we can choose and shoot some different looks - I have a rack to hang them on, so bring them on hangers.

As for jewelry, it should be kept to a minimum so that it does not distract from the focus of the headshot, which is you. Most of the time a necklace isn’t even required.

For hair and makeup, the best way to go is simple and clean. One of the most common detractors in a headshot is too heavy makeup. You can bring your makeup with you in case you need to touch up or want to make adjustments after seeing some of the shots. For guys, make sure to be clean-shaved or beard trimmed, paying close attention to those little hairs that grow everywhere.

The Images

At the end of the session, we will sit down, grab a drink, and review all the images we shot.  As we review your headshots, you will have the opportunity to decide which ones you like, and we'll narrow down the selection to the ones you pick.   I can give as much or as little input as you like.  Your chosen images will be lightly retouched for skin blemishes, teeth whitening, stray hairs, etc.  Your skin will look natural - I will not smooth it out to make it look heavily retouched and abnormal!    The retouched images will have no watermarks and no photographer's logo.  Your selected images will be available on the client portal in a couple of days, typically each image will be provided in a couple of different crops.  This puts you in complete control of the final cost, depending on how many images you decide on.


Wearing glasses is fine - please make sure they are really clean, and if you have more than one pair please bring both, just in case one works better than the other either with lighting or outfit selection.  I will work with lighting to reduce or eliminate glare.  If you have more than one pair, please bring them - it may be that one pair looks better than the other under the lights.  If you have had your headshot/portrait taken before and your glasses didn't look good, we'll be sure to fix that here!

Session Rates

My session rate is a flat $275, with includes:

* No time limit on the session

* Any number of outfit changes

* Frequent review and coaching during the session

* One on one image review and selection advice for your images.

Selected images are $75 each, and final selection is at the end of the session.   


(512) 666-7612

By appointment only

Onsite: Team member headshots at your business location

If your company wants updated professional headshots for your employees, and you have 8 or more people, then I can bring the studio to you - assuming you have a suitable room for me to use!   The on-location charge is $650, which includes all the gear from the studio for the best headshot quality (on your choice of white or grey or dark grey background).  Lightly-retouched headshot images are $75 each, and we'll take notes from each employee to address any concerns they have.   Please free free to call with questions, or if you have more than 25 employees!

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